The Silver Chair Summary – Narnia Novel Series Book IV

Before starting The Chronicles of Narnia – The Silver Chair Summary, let’s discuss The Chronicles of Narnia novel series author C. S. Lewis, who was born in November 29, 1898 and died in November 22, 1963. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis was published in September 7, 1953.

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The Silver Chair Summary

The Silver Chair Summary
The Silver Chair Summary

As of the last experience of the children, Eustace Scrubb has completely turned into a different character and he has been running much into one of his classmate named as Jill Pole, he also wanted to avoid bullies at school. Since it was normal for Eustace to be bullied at school he was scared of his gang from old times. one day, Eustace told Jill about the experience of the magical world of Narnia he had and Jill didn’t believe him. He told her that next time he would be taking her with him to this world and she agreed to it, the children then asked Aslan to make them disappear somewhere in the bushes in order to be saved from the bullies.

After this request made to Aslan they were sent to a cliff near Narnia and there Jill was actually showing off much but when it came to Eustace he fell. However, as always aslant helped and saved him by blowing him in the air and Aslan asked him that Eustace must help him in finding the son of Caspian king named and Prince Rilian who has been lost somewhere many years back. The children were then given the signs by Aslan which they had to look for and then were blown to the castle where they saw Caspian who has been going to visit his youth lands on a ship.

The Silver Chair Summary: Many people felt that Caspian might be looking forward to the advice of Aslan in the matter of succession. The children were given their rooms in the castle by a dwarf named as Trumpkin and they remained silent about their quest too. The own named as Glimfeather then calls the parliament of owls and told them that Rilian has been lost very long back and it happened when he was looking for a green colored serpent which was the cause of his mother’s death and therefore he might have been under the spell of enchantress.

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The Silver Chair Summary: The children were then set to fly on the edge of the northern side of Narnia and there they came across a frog named as Muddlegum who took them through the area of the wilderness. There was a river named as Shribble and the huge lands of Narnia too, the children also came across some giants but those giants paid no heed to the three of them.

The children were very tired and also were very hungry and they came across a lady in black armor named as the Lady of Green Kirtle who instructed them that they should go to Harfang which is a castle where there are Gentle Giants and there they will get some autumn feast. They children were excited though Puddlegum was not so excited about it, however they arrived after a few days.

The Silver Chair Summary: Throughout the night they rested and then were looking out of the window having a sight on the ruins of the city and during this they came acorss the sign given to them by Aslan where the roads were featured with the words “under me”. As soon as the trio checked out the cookbook they got to know that they are going to be that autumn feast and had to then run immediately out of the place, as they went off they followed towards the cave where there was a long slope in dark that led them to the Underland.

The Silver Chair Summary: While they were on their way into the cave they were across an army which took them towards a boat and that city was ruled by Green Kirtle who was not present there but there was a man who meets them and told them that he has been bound with a silver chair and when released he will kill everyone after becoming a green serpent, this was what according to him his dream. The children spied on this and they realized that he has been tied by the lady in order to rule over Narnia and he is none other than Prince Rilian. As they destroyed the chair the Prince was back.

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The Silver Chair Summary: The lady returns and tried to make them all fall under her spell and forget who they actually are but Puddlegum here plays smartly getting out of the spell and then the lady was transformed in a green serpent where all of them worked together in order to kill her. All of them came out safe and the city was back again glowing with happiness and pleasure and everyone returned back to home, the union of King Caspian and Rilian was also witnessed and sooner the King died and the throne was given to Rilian.

The Silver Chair Summary: Aslan was very happy about everything and brought the children back to the stream where they started their journey from, the body of Caspian appeared in the sea and the children were asked by Aslan to drive a thorn in the paw of the lion as he does that the blood started to flow on the dead body and King Caspian came back to life. Caspian then went with the kids to their world where he freed them from the bullies and returned back, the life of Eustace and Jill was in peace now.

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