The Old Man and the Sea Summary – Short Novel by Ernest Hemingway

Before starting The Old Man and the Sea Summary, let’s discuss The Old Man and the Sea author Ernest Hemingway, who was born in July 21, 1899 and died in July 2, 1961. He was an American journalist, novelist, short-story writer, and noted sportsman. The Old Man and the Sea story was published in September 1, 1952.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary

The Old Man and the Sea Summary
The Old Man and the Sea Summary

It has been a period of eighty four days and as yet nit even a single fish has been caught by Santiago, initially the boy named as Manolin thought it was his bad fortune but after the 40th day the father of the little boy made him leave the current boat and go to another one and at the same time he was now supposed to work all alone. Despite of trying a lot and going to the Gulf Stream looking huge fish but coming back empty handed.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: Manolin has been too much inclined and impressed by Santiago and loves him a lot and whenever he finds him being short of money he steals or begs and made sure that he has money to eat and at the same time possesses the fresh bait for the lines. Santiago is a kind of a person who does accept this kindness from the young boy but with pride. Santiago with the little boy discusses that how they used to catch huge fish in luckier times while having food in the evening, they used to have black beans or rice usual in the evening. On the other hand, whenever Santiago is alone at night time he us usually thinking about the beaches of Africa and lions there dreaming about theme as he had been on a ship few years back there.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: On the 85th day, as Santiago comes out of the harbor and set his lines with the fresh tuna baits to hunt for the fish as he sent his lines down he saw other boats coming over to the shore, a man showed him birds and the dolphins have been chasing some flying fish. Santiago found this entire situation a sort of a good victory in so many days. He slept on sitting there waiting for the fish and felt that a marlin has started to nibble the bait whoever the weight felt to be that of a big fish on the line but the fish doesn’t surface, the old guy was an expert in his job and knew about many tricks waiting for the fish to tire with peace.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: By the time sunset hits he started to feel really cold and at that time he felt that something has taken up on bait and he then cut the line with his knife, the fish reacted by cutting down the cheek of the old main and his left hand was all cramped badly. Once again he was being tugged by another strong attack but since he was hungry he cut down the strip of tuna and started eating it waiting for the sun to head over and makes his cramped fingers eased.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: As the morning touches Santiago he found that he has now the biggest marlin he had ever seen being caught, however, the fish went inside and turned towards the direction of east. Santiago plans to relax a bit and wait for another hunt while drinking water from his bottle. However, an airplane at that time droned moving towards Miami and had no thought of the cut hand at all; he kept on thinking about the days when he was called as El Campeon by the people and the days when he used to wrestle with the huge men at the Cienfuegos at the tavern. The old man got lost in his memories thinking about the good old days he has passed at a time.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: As the night falls Santiago found to catch a dolphin and careful bring the fish on board protecting his shoulder to get jerked and then cut the fillets from the dolphin. He then went to sleep and while sleeping him immediately woke up to the feeling of the line running in between his fingers as the fish was jumping. He started to feed the line very slowly and tired the marlin, as the fish started to slow down its run Santiago washes his fingers being cut in the sea water and had one flying fish. As the day passes Santiago was extremely tired and exhausted however he still found a marlin begin to circle and he tried hard to bring fish closer with each turn it made. He finally draws down the catch and drove into the harpoon. He also drank some water before he lashes the marlin and the fish appeared to be two feet longer than the boat. He was excited because he thought that he had never has made such an amazing catch ever before and started to move towards the southwest as he found a fortune for himself.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: As an hour passed, Santiago saw a shark which was a Mako and it came to slash with the its teeth to the marlin, the old man stroke the shark with his harpoon and the mako started to roll and sink with the harpoon being carried with it and at the same time the body of the marlin was all bloody. Santiago knew that the smell would start spreading and he at the same time saw two more sharks, he stroke one with his knife and the other one was also killed by him as it tore the slash of the marlin and then came a third one which was also killed by Santiago with a knife.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: As the sun was setting other sharks started to come and Santiago tried all he could to keep them away while his own hands are completely raw and were also bleeding with so many sharks on their way. He was completely drained and tried and all he had in mind was to move his steering rapidly with the tired body. He knew it well that he has been hit by sharks really badly and at the same time was worried having a feeling in mind that these sharks will leave him with nothing and just the skeleton of this great catch he has got after such a long time and efforts.

As he came towards the harbor he found that all the lights have went off and made out with the backbone in white color and tail of the fish. He finally went to bed and laid down patiently as he wanted to gain some strength back again after such a horrible time he had spent to bring this marlin a catch for him. He then went to sleep in his shack. The boy found the old man later in the morning and many other fishermen gathered near the giant marlin which was pretty long with the eighteen feet of length.

The Old Man and the Sea Summary: The little boy then went to the shack of Santiago with coffee and the man woke up. The boy was offered a spear of fish by the old man and the little boy told Santiago to rest so that he may get fit for the fishing ventures with the little boy in the future. Santiago slept the entire day and the little boy sat beside him where Santiago was still dreaming about the lions as usual.

The Old Man and the Sea Character

Manolin, The Old Man, Perico, Joe DiMaggio, Martin.

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