The Most Dangerous Game Summary – Short Story by Richard Connell

Before starting The Most Dangerous Game Summary, let’s discuss The Most Dangerous Game author Richard Connell, who was born in October 17, 1893 and died in November 22, 1949. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell was published in January 19, 1924. American author Richard Connell know for his famous novel “The Most Dangerous Game“.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary

The Most Dangerous Game Summary
The Most Dangerous Game Summary

The Most Dangerous Game short story takes pale with a situation when a yacht was on its way and was supposed to go to Rio De Janeiro, on its way one of the passenger spotted an island on way which was known to be Ship trap Island and this was a place which every sailor used to avoid because of the different stories attached to this area and its consequences. The passenger who spotted this island was Whitney and along with his friend Rainsford were pretty much on the side of being game hunters and they were inclined to take a trip involving hunting in the Amazon River as well.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: The day was turning into night and the two of these friends were having a discussion of their own where they talked about prey and predator and were wandering that during hunting whether they prey was scared of them or not. As per the point of view of Rainsford he believed that this world has only two people either prey or predator but on the other hand the views of Whitney were a bit different. However, Whiney o the other hand had the feeling of getting sail past through the island which was dangers as soon as possible because he was aware of the uneasiness of the sailors, he had this point in his mind that sailors have the ability to sense danger pretty quicker and at the same time the danger gets hidden somewhere in the waves.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: As the night was passing by Whitney decided to sleep but Rainsford wanted to smoke and while he was smoking in the deck he heard the sound of the gunshots, he was trying to have a look at what was actually happening around he moved and while he moved his pipe dropped, in order to pick the pipe he lost balance and unfortunately fell into the sea, tried a lot to shout for help but nobody listened and the ship went off. He somehow swam towards the direction where he heard the gunshots from and also he heard the sound of an animal. Finally he was able to make himself towards the shore and slept there only. As he woke up after a deep sleep he was hungry and searched for food, as he was on his search he came across an animal being dead and blood spread all over around wit an empty cartridge of a riffle.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: Rainsford started to follow the footprints of the hunter and he reached towards a chateau, he opened the iron gate thinking he has been into a mirage but then realized that he was wrong and knocked the door. A man named as Ivan was seen with a gun and he refused to help Rainsford but at the same time another man named as General Zaroff came from the inside and he asked Rainsford to come inside.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: The man who invited Rainsford named as Zaroff greets him very warmly and he was then showed a room where he may change into and take a way to the dinner table. On the dining hall he came across the heads of numerous animals and trophies and he praised Zaroff a lot while he was having food with him. On the dinner table he had a Russian soup which was made out of beets. He said to Zaroff that it would have been much difficult to have hunt a Buffalo but being the hunting game since long Zaroff told him that as the time is passing on things have been becoming easier for him and he had made himself reach to a significantly high level of success.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: While the both of them were having their hunting conversation, Zaroff told Rainsford that he has now came across a new kind of animal which he will be hunting and Rainsford realized that he is now talking about human beings and was scared that he might not become a victim. Zaroff invited him to join for hunting but he refused and went to sleep though the night was filled with fear and insomnia. After the night passed and he dozed a little bit his eyes opened up on the sound of a pistol early in the morning.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: As the lunchtime ticks the clock General Zaroff appeared and he said that he is no longer satisfied with the hunting of humans anymore and the hunting of sailors has become less challenging for him now. Rainsford wanted to leave but was forced by Zaroff to stay back and become the next prey of his hunt as he expected Rainsford hunt a challenging one for himself. Zaroff told Rainsford that he will leave him free if he survives the next three days. Rainsford got some food and knife from Ivan and ran towards the jungle and twisted the paths to confuse Zaroff and at the same time also climbed a tree waiting for darkness to take place.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: Zaroff was a smart man and he found Rainsford but let the game become a prolonged challenge he didn’t attack Rainsford. Rainsford them ran to the other side of the jungle and made a trap to kills Zaroff which didn’t kill him but just wounded him. Zaroff returned back to the Chateau but promised himself that he will kill Rainsford in the upcoming night.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: After running for countless hours Rainsford unknowingly fell into the bed of sand and somehow managed to get rid of it. he dug a pit in the mud which was very soft and this was done in front of the bed of san he fell in. he then lined up the pit’s bottom with a sharp knife and covered it with foliage, after doing it all he hid into the bushes nearby. Zaroff’s hounds of hunting faced death in this trap and once again he had to return back to the chateau.

The Most Dangerous Game Summary: The next day during the daytime Rainsford spotted Zaroff and Ivan with hunting dogs and made another trap after he tied his knife to a sapling, this trapped ended up killing Ivan but Rainsford was being pushed to the cliff. Rainsford didn’t face the dogs and rather jumped into the sea. As Zaroff returned back to the chateau he found out that Rainsford is concealed in the bed curtains and he said that one of them would be dead and eaten by the dogs tonight and the other one will sleep on this bed. In the fight, Zaroff was dead and Rainsford got a chance to sleep on this comfortable bed.

The Most Dangerous Game Characters

Sanger Rainsford, General Zaroff, Whitney, Ivan.

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