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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka summaryIntroduction: The Metamorphosis is a short story novel written by Franz Kafka. The novel was published in 1915 (Austria – Hungary) in German language and the original title name of the novel is Die Verwandlung. The Metamorphosis short story fantasy novel is based on a salesman Gregor Samsa.

Franz Kafka was born in 3 July 1883 at Austria Hungary and died 3 June 1924 Austria at the aged of 40.  He was one of the best German Jewish short story and novelist writer. He was famous with the name of Kafka and his one of the best short story novel is Die Verwandlung/The Metamorphosis.

Short Summary of The Metamorphosis

Characters of the short story novel:

Gregor Samsa – Main character of the Story
Grete Samsa – Younger Sister
Mr. Samsa – Gregor’s Father
Mrs. Samsa – Gregor’s Mother
The Charwoman – Old Lady – Samsa Family Employee

Gregor Samsa is the main story character. Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman. He works as a traveling salesman to earn some money to support his sister and parents. One day he wakes up, find himself changed into a giant insect. 

Grete Samsa is a younger sister of Gregor. After metamorphosis she becomes caretaker of Gregor. Grete start working as a salesgirls to improve family income. After Gregor death, At the end Grete parents finding a good husband for her.

Mr. Samsa is Gregor’s father. After transformation he returns back to work to the reason that he has to monetarily aid his family. he is a treated harshly by his father, Mr. Samsa who sees him as a loathsome character.

Mrs. Samsa is Mother of Gregor and Grete.

The Charwoman is employed of Samsa family. She is a old lady who help Samsa family to help take care of house. She also know that Gregor is dead.

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