The Man who Walked between the Towers Summary – Philippe Petit Story

Before starting The Man who Walked between the Towers Summary, let’s discuss the author Mordicai Gerstein, who was born in November 24, 1935. He is an American artist, writer, and film director, best known for illustrating and writing children’s books. His book The Man who Walked between the Towers was published in 2003.

The Man who Walked between the Towers Summary

The Man who Walked Between the Towers is a book written by Mordicai Gerstein and features the character of a street performer Philippe Petit. In this book, the situation starts in a way when Philippe Petit featured to walk on a wire located at Notre Dame in Paris. It was a scene of early morning in the month of august and Philippe and his friend got ready taking up the dress of construction worker and took their way to the south tower. Together with them the two of them took a cable weighing 440 lbs with them in the elevator and went to the 10th floor. After reaching up they stated to wait for the night time and in order to reach to the roof they had to take a journey with all the stuff of about 18- stairs.  When it was midnight, two other friends joined them and they started to tie up a lone with an arrow shooting it across Philippe about 140 feet away and it got missed. The then landed on the ledge where Philippe then crawled and to pick the arrow.

On this line he attached another line strong enough which was then pulled by his friends and the cable he tied was about 5/8 inches thick. The cable weight a lot and this was that too them about 3 hours to get secured across the two towers. As the dawn appeared on 7th August 1974, the wires were perfectly tightened across the towers, Philippe prepared himself by wearing black shirt and his tights and picked his balancing foot which was about 28 foot long, he then started to move and walk on the wire. He felt the emotion of being free and as the people standing near the towers saw him walking they informed it to the police. As the police came over they told him that he has been under arrest, however, he was busy dancing, moving and even resting on the wore freely. As soon as he was done enjoying himself on the wire he came back to the tower and showed his writs to the police for the handcuffs.

Upon the judgment being subjected to hearing in court it was decided that he would be sentenced to perform in the mark for the children. Philippe was very happy on this punishment because he was a kind of happy go lucky person who really loved doing it all. At many instances of his performance, the kids used to pull and jerk his wire but he used to catch and balance himself. However, the towers now do not exist but the association of Philippe to the towers and his efforts of making children still are alive. On other hand the book in the name of a Man who Walked Between the Towers on 7th August also do exist and is cherished among the children due to the fun and adventure being comprised and accompanied in it with a lot of joy and fun collaborated.

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