The Kite Runner Summary – The Story of Muslim Boy Amir

Before starting The Kite Runner Summary, let’s discuss The Kite Runner author Khaled Hosseini, who was born in March 4, 1965. Khaled Hosseini know for his famous novel “The Kite Runner“. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was published in May 29, 2003.

The Kite Runner Summary

The Kite Runner Summary
The Kite Runner Summary

The story The Kite Runner features a Sunni Muslim named Amir who faced a very traumatic childhood and wanted to make his place in the world after the terrible phase of life. This story starts with Amir opening up the novel in United States featuring the events of his childhood and the events he had faced in Afghanistan. Amir had a very troublesome childhood and with that he had struggled with making a string relationship with his father. At the same time had a very weird relationship with a Shia servant named as Hassan. Throughout the novel people reading it came across the entire idea of how life and childhood would have been in Afghanistan and that too with a single parent.

The Kite Runner Summary: The biggest problem that Amir had to face in his childhood was the socioeconomic culture and the complexes associated with that attitude of him. Though he was meant to spend a life of a privileged class yet in his own house he had no privileged or value at all. Although Hassan is a servant in their house and works with his father Ali however, the relationship of Amir with them has been more like that of a family. However, on the other hand, Amir has always been worried about the differences created by his own father and his concept of making the world in Afghanistan black and white and this used to confuse Amir rather than clarified about the cultural factors and he stood in gray.

The Kite Runner Summary: Amir had numerous impacts on his personal life but at the same time there has been a significant impact of the political conditions prevailing in Afghanistan in the year 1970. During a kite flying tournament when Amir faced bullies and reactions from the aggressors he decided that he won’t react anymore and would rather keep himself at peace and inaction attitude of him sets up a reaction in chain where he had to face troubles with betrayal, lies and guilt. The political situation of Afghanistan was changing with a rapid pace and this made him and his father leave Afghanistan and Amir though that America is a way to leave his past and start with a new life here.

The Kite Runner Summary: Despite of the fact that they wanted to start a new life leaving every though behind yet they weren’t able to do so because he used to cry and feel regretful over the decisions he made in his childhood and had no way to amend them at all. The Kite Runner is a story that revolves around the most important subject of our lives which is none other than relationships. The characters and their relationship between Amir, Rahim Khan, Hassan Baba, Sohrab and Soraya is being featured in the story followed by the fact that how much of the impact the relationship play on our lives and how much complexity in the relationships lie on their own.

The Kite Runner Characters

Assef, Rahim Khan, Sanaubar, Soraya, General Taheri, Amir, Sohrab, Hassan, Baba, Khala, Farzana, Farid, Ali

I hope you will have understood the complete historical novel “The Kite Runner Summary“. If you are interested to read the complete novel, you can free Download or buy The Kite Runner PDF.

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