Romeo and Juliet Summary by William Shakespeare – The Story of Lovers

Romeo and Juliet SummaryBefore starting Romeo and Juliet Summary  let’s discuss the writer William Shakespeare who was born on 26th April 1564 and died on 23 April 1616. He wrote this romance play novel in 1597. This novel is based on Love Story.

Romeo and Juliet Summary

Romeo and Juliet Summary Act 1:

Once upon a time in the city of Verona there lived two great families, the Montagues and the Capulets. They were both rich but also quite stupid. They had an old blood feud and neither side would let it go if they did speak, which was rare. it would almost always end in a fight. Lord Capulet was the head of his family and he planned to throw an enormous party predictably.

He banned all Montague’s from attending but a young Montague named Romeo desperately wanted to go his love. Rosaline was going with a date and he wanted to follow Romeo’s attraction was strange since Rosaline was never particularly nice to Romeo but Romeo wanted to love someone and because he had not met the right girl yet.

He chose to love the wrong one so when the night came Romeo went off to the party with his two friends Mercutio and Benvolio. Lord Capulet was a gracious host and welcomed them. Everyone dressed marvelously for this party. The women were wearing their finest Velvet’s and the men wore gem studded swords. Romeo also wore his best with a black mask over his eyes and nose. After a while Romeo saw the most beautiful girl. He completely forgot about Rosaline but then he’s spotted by Tybalt and enemy Capulet. Tybalt goes to Lord Capulet but Lord Capulet is too gracious of a host to cause a scene at his own party.

Romeo and Juliet Summary Act 2:

So Tybalt just waited for his moment to start a fight with Romeo meanwhile. Romeo approached the beautiful girl, he danced with her told her sweet words and kissed her but then her mother called for her. That’s when Romeo realized the girl was Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capulet. The girl turned out to be equally interested in Romeo. She asked her nurse who that gentleman was and the nurse replied it was Romeo a Montague.
Later that night Juliet is standing on her terrace overlooking her Romeo came to watch her because he loved seeing her not knowing that Romeo is hiding in the garden. Juliet verbally expresses her love for Romeo. Romeo steps out onto the moonlight and the lovers talk for a while eventually, they have to go to bed and the 2-part waits with plans to meet up. Later the next morning Romeo goes to Friar Laurence and begs the friar to marry him to Juliet.

After some hesitation Friar Laurence consents Romeo then sends word to Juliet that all is well and they can get married the next morning. Then we learned that Friar Laurence wants to marry the young couple to end their family’s feud. So the next morning Friar Laurence weds the young couple Romeo promises to visit Juliet’s Terrace that evening and the maid will help by getting a ladder but tragedy strikes on that very day. Tybalt is enraged at Romeo’s attendance of the epaulets feast. Tybalt attacks Romeo and kills his Mercutio but then Romeo kills Tybalt for this. Romeo is banished. Romeo visits Juliet that night and they both cry at the thought of being separated then Juliet’s father, who is ignorant of the fact that his daughter is now married plans a wedding for her.

Romeo and Juliet Summary Act 3:

He wants Juliet to marry a young gentleman named Paris but she refuses. Julia runs to ask Friar Laurence for advice. He tells her that she should pretend to consent and then in the meantime he will create a option for her. This option will make it appear as though she is dead two days then they take her body to the church and he and Romeo will rescue her. Lord Capulet was happy that Juliet consented to the wedding previously he had seen her unhappiness and thought that this wedding would resolve her frustration.

Unfortunately it was quite the opposite that’s because Juliet was not frustrated about not having a husband instead she was frustrated at being separated from her real husband Romeo. So the next morning Juliet’s mate comes in to wake her but she won’t wake up the nurse cries out that Julia is dead and her family comes running, they mourn her death and lay her to rest in a tomb but at this point Romeo didn’t know Juliet was playing dead with the aid of a potion that’s because Friars messenger got delay making matters worse.

Romeo’s servant has heard of Juliet’s death since he knows of their marriage. He runs and tells his master. Romeo weeps for his bride and says he will lie by Juliet side tonight. Romeo brings poison with him and goes to the tomb where Juliet’s family laid her to rest but he runs into Paris, who was Juliet’s groom to be Paris tells Romeo that he faces a death sentence for returning to Verona then Paris gets angry and attacks Romeo. Paris loses the fight and dies.

Romeo and Juliet Summary Act 4:

Romeo brings Paris into the tomb and lays him by Juliet’s side. He talks sweetly to Juliet’s emotionless body and kisses her cold lips. Juliet is slowly approaching the point at which he’ll reawaken just before she can Romeo poisons himself and falls dead. Friar Laurence walks in and sees the awful outcome and then Juliet wakes up. She’s horrified at the sight of both Paris and Romeo’s lifeless corpses. The commotion of Romeo and Paris fight had roused others.

This makes Friar flee in terror. Juliet saw the empty poisoned vial and knew exactly what has happened here. She took Romeo’s dagger and thrust into her chest . Friar Laurence eventually explained the entire situation to the two families both the Montagues and the Capulets were stricken with grief the misery finally ended the feud. They had been fighting for for so long.

Final words.

I hope you will have understood the complete “Romeo and Juliet Summary” of the Romance play novel.

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Romeo and Juliet Characters:

Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt, Capulet, Benvolio, Friar Laurence, Rosaline, Count Paris, Nurse (Romeo and Juliet), Prince Escalus, Lady Capulet, Ted Montague, Lady Montague, Second Musician, Friar John, 1st Musician, First Guard, anthonay, Potpan,

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