The Return of the King Summary – The Lord of the Rings

Before starting The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Summary, let’s discuss the author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (J. R. R. Tolkien), who was born in 3 January 1892 and died 2 September 1973 (aged 81). J. R. R. Tolkien was an English writer, poet, philologist. The Return of the King is a high fantasy novel was published in 20 October 1955.

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The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King Summary

The Return of the King Summary
The Return of the King Summary

This novel begins with a point where Pippin and Gandalf started to move towards Minas Toroth and it was 5th March 3019 as per the novel. Right on the next day Aragorn was found to be battled against Dunedin and at the same time Théoden left for Horrowdale from the Hornburg fortress. After winning the battle in which Aragorn was found to be in he left for Dunharrow and reached there on 7th night. Finally a bug day and the most crucial day arrived in the life of Aragorn when he took Paths of the Dead. Pippin and Gandalf also reached Minas Tirith and were not welcomed with much pleasure by the Lord Denethor, main reason being that the Lord did not want to accept defeat.

On 10th March Rohirrim rode to Harrowdale and Faramir was found to be stuck in a battle which was already found to be on the Minas Tirith gates, and he was also rescued by none other than Gandalf. Aragon on the other hand who was also on his way has not yet reached and is found to be stuck in Linhor and Lebennin. Another battle at that time was taking place where Lorein was attacked. At the same time The Ents also entered into a battle with the Rohan invaders and ended up defeating them. The battles kept on continuing and the month of March touched it’s mid when the battles were going on and the story of Sam and Frodo came into being when the Frodo was already in the possession of the Orcs.

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Faramir on the same day was wounded and the next day Frodo was found by Sam in the tower. On 15th March the walls of the city Minas Tirith were broken down by the Witch King and Denethor ended up dying however he couldn’t murder his own wounded son. On this day only Frodo and Sam proved to be a hope since Lorein was in assault and Théoden was still slain in battle. Frodo and Sam then ended dup hiding their own identity and took over the identity of the orc soldiers trying to escape from the tower and ended up being stuck in the orcs army. However, they finally made their way out and made second escape by leaving the army. Though these two managed to escape but Lorien was assaulted again and this assault was deeper than the previous ones.

However, Frodo and Same had to leave the area in the nearby and run away to protect themselves.  Aragorn then has to pass through the lthilien and he released some of the soldiers from their duty since they were not of any use to him and he wanted brave soldiers in his army only. Finally, Frodo and Same reached Mount Doom in the 24th March and they were about to fulfill their mission when the intention of Frodo deviated and he wanted to keep the ring. Sauron then moved towards Mount Doom as he wanted to bring an end to Frodo and Same and at the same time Gollum also reappeared battle started once again when the ring was taken from the finger of Frodo. At the same time, Golum lost his balance and ended up falling in the Cracks of Doom and the ring was also destroyed.

Somehow Frodo and Same were rescued and were sent to the company of Pippin and Gandalf back again by an eagle and the power of Sauron was also ended. The royal sear was won by Aragorn and this victory was attained by him on time. As Frodo and Sam headed back to their Shire they found that the situation of Shire is no more the same and the hobbits have been jailed by Mr. Lotho, the man behind all this was none other than Saruman who was taking revenge from the hobbits and was destroying their lives and peace. He also stabbed Frodo but he was saved. When the hobbits asked about Mr. Lotho it was informed to them that he was already killed by Wormtongue which was not the truth but Saruman forced Wormtongue to say this. In this entire scenario, the Wormtongue attacked Saruman and was himself shot by arrows; the body of Saruman was dissolved into nothing emitting grey mist.

The next thing was cleaning of the Shire and making it back happy and pleasant again, Sam had a gift which was the gift of Galadriel and this box had grey dust which was spread by Sam and it worked wonders making the entire environment string and beautiful back again. Same then got married to Rose Cotton and the three of them, Same, Frodo and Rose Cotton started to live together in Frodo’s place where Sam was passed the project of Frodo and was made the Mayor or the place. Frodo then was leaving for Sea with Gandalf and the ring bearers finally left in their ship leaving hobbits behind to live comfortable in their Hobbiton.

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