Prince Caspian Summary -The Chronicles of Narnia Novel Series Book II

Before starting The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian Summary, The Return to Narnia, let’s discuss The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian author C. S. Lewis, who was born in November 29, 1898 and died in November 22, 1963. The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian, The Return to Narnia by C. S. Lewis was published in October 15, 1951.

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Prince Caspian Summary, The Return to Narnia

Prince Caspian Summary
Prince Caspian Summary

So it’s time of the year when Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy wait for a train at the railway station which may take them away to the boarding school and while they sit there they make the use of their magical force which makes them stand in a thicket rather than train.

The children would start exploring the forested island they have been to with the help of that magical force. Peter then realizes that they have once again got back to Narnia and the ruins they have came across is of the castle which they were the queens and kings of. They also found their treasure room which was there and belonged to them.

Prince Caspian Summary: When the next morning hit the kids they ended up rescuing a dwarf that was being drowned and the people who made it drown were some soldiers. Upon rescuing, the dwarf told him that he is being meant to fight for the King Caspian and he is the king of Narnia, the old as well as the new one. The children then finally realize that there is a connection which seems to be getting resolved.

Prince Caspian Summary: King’s Son is Caspian and after the king died the uncle of Caspian named as Miraz ruled as Caspian was very young. Caspian got to know about old Narnia and Aslan through his nurse and his tutor named as doctor Cornelius. Cornelius used to teach Caspian but as soon as the wife of Miraz got pregnant he realized that Caspian is in danger and therefore he made him move out of the castle and sent him towards the woods in the south.

As the children reached there they came across the old Narnians and Caspian at the time also blew the horn of Susan. They all with the other dwarfs started to look for a help like Aslan which they got previously hoping to make things all right.

Prince Caspian Summary: Now, the real story started when Trumpkin and four of the siblings agreed together and started to beat the feet, they also looked for aid of Caspian pretty faster. However, the way was very long and they even lost their routes and came across a number of different hardships. As they were moving ahead and came towards gorge Lucy saw Aslan but none of the other people believed her and took a way which was more terrible and they got lost there.

While everyone was asleep, Aslan came to Lucy and told her to make other wake up, it was a very difficult job to make everyone wake up by some how she managed and they all went to Caspian’s camp along with Aslan. When they reached there they saw that Nikabrik was resurrecting the Witch, since Edmund and Peter were known for the Christmas presents and they stopped Nikabrik and his followers.

Prince Caspian Summary: A fight took place between Peter and Miraz and they fought with armor and sword, however Miraz was being betrayed by Glozelle, Telmarine lords and Sopespian and was stabbed in the back. Narnians also become their victims but Edmund and Peter with them beat them much and they were thrown back the river.

Susan and Lucy at this time were busy in invading Beruna and they even scared Telemarines with Aslan, this brought success and Caspian then became the new king of Narnia. Aslan however, allowed the Telemarines to live in Narnia whoever wants. The children now also had to go back to their world but the saddest part was for Peter and Susan when Aslan told them that they have now grown much older to get back to Narnia in a sense much taller but Lucy and Edmund have a chance. They children then got back to the railway station and got back to their school after having this summer adventure.

Prince Caspian Characters

Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Prince Caspian, Aslan, Miraz, Trumpkin, Doctor Cornelius, Reepicheep, Nikabrik, Trufflehunter, Bacchus and Silenus, Lord Sopespian and Lord Glozelle.

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