Macbeth Summary – Tragedy Play by William Shakespeare

Before starting Macbeth Summary, let’s discuss the author William Shakespeare, who was born in April 23, 1564 and died April 23, 1616 . He was a one of the greatest English writer and the world’s greatest dramatist. He wrote Macbeth play in 1606.

Macbeth summary

Macbeth Summary
Macbeth Summary

Macbeth proceeds from the point where two generals of the King Duncan’s Army came from the battle after winning it and on their way they found three witches. These two generals were Macbeth and Banquo, the witches predict their future and told them that Macbeth will in future take the place of King Duncan and Banquo will become the father of kings.

Macbeth short summary is a snapshot of a very interesting Macbeth story which tends to be a very interesting plot. When it comes to the Macbeth themes is based on suspense as well as adventure and the role played by the wife of Macbeth is one of an interesting role in the Macbeth act 1 summary. As the prediction was revealed Macbeth runs towards home and discusses the same with his wife, they both then plan to kill King Duncan. They both invited the King at their house and tried to kill him, the king was killed and the two servants of the king were blamed by Macbeth, Macbeth summary gives a very decent insight to the entire story.

Now, coming to the Macbeth act 2 summary, all we can see is that after killing King Duncan now Macbeth wanted to have the power and throne and this amount being true. However, after this now the main aim of Macbeth was to remove Banquo from his way because as per the witches and their predictions, Banquo was then to be made the father of the king and now this amounted to be threatening for Macbeth. Upon the murder of Duncan his sons to flee because they wanted to save their own lives and now Macbeth also murdered Banquo. Banquo’s son also flew and found out that who killed his father. Macbeth act 3 summary also provides for an insight that when Macbeth killed the two people he also lost his mind; he also used to see dreams with blood stains and was found to be in much pain as observed in the Macbeth summary.

Macbeth has been in so much of the state of stress and panic that he couldn’t relax and to know what would be taking place next in his life he again visited the witches. On the visit to the witches told him that he must always be aware of Madcuff, he is safe until he meets a man who is not born by a woman and this was the point which he should keep himself aware of. This was featured in the Macbeth act 4 summary, since this warning was on the mind of the Macbeth he wanted to avoid everything that could lead to Madcuff towards him and therefore he planned to bring an end to the family of Madcuff. He destroyed his castle and killed his family as well. However, despite of this act on the part of Macbeth, Madcuff joined the Scottish army and came to destroy Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth was also losing her position and her life as well and was suffering from a life threatening disease which led her to bed. Now, Mr. Macbeth after destroying the castle of Madcuff was getting better and was gaining his mental state back but was no more inclined towards his wife and lost interest in her health and other matters too. This was according to the Macbeth summary a turning to be very painful for the Lady Macbeth and she also had a lot of guilt in her heart since she plotted the murder of King Duncan, though Macbeth never told her that he also killed Banquo. Macbeth act 5 summary gives a detailed end to this entire plot where Lady Macbeth left the world and Mr. Macbeth came across Madcuff and the Army, a battle took place and brought Macbeth and Madcuff against one another. Macbeth was happy and was thinking that he could not face any kind of defeat and the witches have warned him that he would only lose the battle if the person against him is not born by a woman.

The battle continued and a lot of suspense was starting to create, some people were in the favor of Macbeth whereas some people somehow realized that Macbeth is the culprit and deserved being defeated by the army of Madcuff.  Eventually the matter started to take a twist and Madcuff was on the winning side, he defeated Macbeth and told him that he was not given birth by his mother’s womb and was ripped out of the womb of his mother, this pint was the point of guilt and loss for Macbeth and he lost the battle and throne and also at the same time he lost the battle against Madcuff.

This plot is perfect example that tells us that wrong is wrong and people get what they give, Macbeth and his wife thought of having throne and peace but eventually they lost the present peace of their life too when the throne got into their hands because they used the wrong means as interpreted in the Macbeth summary.

I hope you will have understood the complete play “Macbeth Summary“. If you are interested to read the complete play, you can free Download or buy Macbeth PDF.

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