Heart of Darkness Summary by Joseph Conrad – Journey to Africa

Before starting the Heart of Darkness Summary let’s discuss the Novella Author Joseph Conrad. He was born in 3 December 1857 and died 3 August 1924 (Bishopsbourne, Kent, England). Joseph Conrad regarded as one of the greatest novelist writer in English language.  Heart of Darkness novel was published in 1899 and the modern library ranked 67th of the 100 best novels in English of the 20th century.

Heart of Darkness Summary

Heart of Darkness SummaryAboard the Nellie, fastened in the River Thames near Gravesend, England, Charles Marlow tells his colleague about the events that led to his employment as a Captain of a river steamboat for an ivory trading company.
in this well known novel we hear the story of a sailor named Marlow. Marlow telling his story to other sailors as they loaf around on a boat about to set sail for Africa. Marlow tells the story of his trip up an unknown and unnamed River in Africa but generally we read it as the Congo River. Marlow’s task is essentially to find a man named Kurtz, who is the head of an office deep in the jungles and at that company office.

Heart of Darkness Summary: Kurtz collects ivory and he is rather good at doing so in fact. it’s noted that he’s collected more ivory than all of the other officers combined. Kurtz is a mystery man as Marlow gets closer and closer to him in journey up river. He learns more and in way comes to understand less and less about this man Kurtz.

Heart of Darkness Summary: It turn out when we finally do arrive to Kurtz’s a station and meet the man that he’s dying that he is worshipped by the native Africans as a kind of God that he is a larger than life figure. who has both achieved tremendous success and become a kind of monster in the way he governs, for example has severed heads on stackes stuck in the ground surrounding his little office in the jungle and these severed heads on stakes serve as symbols of his savagery his fercious power. So Kurtz becomes a moral enigma for Marlow the Sailor telling the story of his journey to find this man Kurtz and bring him home and at the same time.

Heart of Darkness Summary To be continue……

Heart of Darkness Characters List

Marlow, Kurtz, Manager, Brickmaker, Russian, Natives, Chief Accountant, Marlow’s aunt, Kurtz’s fiancee, Helmsman, Pilgrims, Cannibals, Director, Lawyer, Accountant, Narrator.

I hope you will have understood the complete Heart of Darkness Summary. If you are interested to read the complete novel you can download or buy Heart of Darkness PDF.

10 Best Heart of Darkness Quotes

  • It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.
  • Your strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others.
  • The mind of man is capable of anything.
  • But his soul was mad. Being alone in the wilderness, it had looked within itself and, by heavens I tell you, it had gone mad.
  • We live in the flicker — may it last as long as the old earth keeps rolling! But darkness was here yesterday.
  • We live as we dream – alone. While the dream disappears, the life continues painfully.
  • We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness
  • Even extreme grief may ultimately vent itself in violence–but more generally takes the form of apathy.
  • It echoed loudly within him because he was hollow at the core.
  • Like a running blaze on a plain, like a flash of lightning in the clouds. We live in the flicker.

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