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Introduction: great expectations summaryGreat Expectations is written by English books/novels writer Charles John Huffam Dickens in July 1861. He was born in 7 February ,1812 and died 9 June, 1870. Charles Dickens is regarded by best novelist of the Victorian era. His works enjoyed extraordinary reputation during his lifetime, and by the 20th century critics and scholars had Acknowledged him as a literary genius. The novels and short story are very famous and still people commonly read today.

Great Expectations Short Summary

A seven years old boy whose name is Philips Pirrip is an orphan who lives with his abusive sister and her husband Joe Gargery. Joe Gargery works as a blacksmith. Pip encounters an escapes convict who tricks him to steal food and a file to cut his shackles. Later that evening, Joe is asked by soldiers to repair shackles of an escaped convict who is fighting with another one.

After a year or two, a close relation of Joe Gargery i.e. Mr Pumblehook is given a task to find a boy to visit Miss. Havisham. Miss Havisham is a wealthy eccentric lady who lives in a Secluded Sactis house. She was dodged by her lover on wedding day and still wears her old wedding dress. Pip is now assigned task to visit Miss Havisham so he visits and fall in love with adopted daughter of Miss Havisham Estella, who behaves harshly with Pip. Her this behavior is supported by Miss Havisham. Pip keeps on visiting her until he comes of age.
In the absence of Joe and Pip, Mrs Joe is attacked by somebody which leaves her paralyzed. Dolge Orlick who is Joe’s assistant dislikes Mrs Joe and Pip so he is highly suspected of the assault. Mrs Joe softens after this incident and Biddy who is Pip’s ex-classmate joins them to help in daily chores.

A lawyer, Mr Jaggers comes in the scene after four years of Pip’s apprenticeship with Joe and informs him about the provision of money from anonymous benefactor which lets Pip think that Miss Havisham is that benefactor.
In London, Pip starts living at Barnard’s Inn. He makes friends with the son of Miss Havisham were deceived by her fiance on her wedding day.

Since Pip has now become wealthy as Mr. Jaggers disburses the money. So Pip gets ashamed when Joe visits him in London. Pip on the other hand goes to Satis house to meet Estella. He adores her and shares his feelings with Herbert Pocket who is engaged to Clara Barley.

The luxurious lifestyle of Pip and Herbert’s future and for that he secures him a position securely with Clarriker who is a ship broker. On the other side, Estella starts meeting Bentley Drummle who is a man from wealthy noble family but Pip does not like it and warns Estella about him.

Pip faces a huge blow of reality when he comes to know that his benefactor was not Miss Havisham but that escaped convict whom he had encountered many years ago in his church yard for whom Pip had brought food and file. That convicts whose name is Abel Magwitch who is hiding at Pip’s place.

Pip is also told by Miss Havisham that Estella is her adopted daughter who she has raised to be cold-hearted and to take her revenge on the society. As Pip is about to leave her house, her dress accidentally catches fire, Pip tries to save her but she dies of her injuries. Pip tries to find the whereabouts of Estella and comes to know that she is the daughter of Molly (The maid of his lawyer) and Magwitch (his benefactor). Pip is also attacked by Dolge Orlick who works for Joe and confesses to injure Pip’s sister because he does not like them. Luckily Pip escape that attack.

Later Pip tries to smuggle Magwitch to a steamboat for Hamburg but he is met with Police along with the convict who was seeking Magwitch. When they both see each other, they start fighting in the water and Magwitch kills the other convict and is seized by Police.

Now after that all his fortune will go to the govt so Herbert offers him a position along with himself at an office in Cairo, Egypt. Magwitch awaits trial and is regularly visited b Pip. When Magwitch is on his deathbed, Pip tells him about his daughter of Herbert to Egypt. He Pip tells him about his daughter of Herbert to Egypt. He is nursed by Joe who till now has worried Biddy.

When Pip is prepared to leave for Egypt, he asks for Joe’s forgiveness and works hard. He becomes 3rd in the company. He stays and works there for almost 11 years and then returns England. After coming back, he visits Joe and his family, widowed Estella as a person has been changed by her misfortunes and she asks for Pip’s forgiveness. Both leave the ruins of Satis house only to stay together forever.

Great Expectations Characters List

Philip Pirrip, Joe Gargery, Mrs Joe Gargery, Mr Pumblechook, Miss Havisham,Estella, Matthew Pocket, Herbert Pocket, Cousin Raymond, Georgiana, Sarah Pocket, Abel Magwitch, Mr and Mrs Hubble, Mr Wopsle, Biddy, Mr Jaggers, John Wemmick, Molly, Compeyson, Arthur Havisham, Dolge Orlick, Bentley Drummle, Clara Barley, Miss Skiffins, Startop.

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