The Four Agreements Summary – Don Miguel Ruiz

Before starting The Four Agreements Summary let’s discuss the author Don Miguel Ruiz who was born in August 27, 1952 (Guadalajara, Mexico). The Four Agreements Book was published in November 1997.

The Four Agreements Summary

The Four Agreements SummaryThis is what The Four Agreements intends to demolish. To get rid of the shackles implemented in our mind through the process of domestication. The self-judgment that’s been fostered within ourselves with the blessing of society. We’ve lost the innate ability as a child where we weren’t afraid to be ourselves, where the acceptance of ourselves wasn’t clouded by the fog of everyone else’s belief system. The Four Agreements are as follows:

Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements Quotes

  • “Mindful of Your Word”
  • “Never Take Things Personally”
  • “Never Make Assumptions”
  • “Always Do Your Best”

The Four Agreements Summary (First Agreement – Mindful of Your Word)

The First Agreement is to be mindful of your word. Your word is a powerful force that is used as a communication tool to create a gratifying experience or an unpleasant one. The mind is a fertile place where even the simplest things can manifest itself and grow quickly. Your word can be implanted within someone or even yourself, leading to breaking a belief or making a new one. Language is one of man kind’s most important creations that no other species on this planet is able to match. Use your word and your language to spread happiness and peace, not gossip or evil intentions.

The Four Agreements Summary (Second Agreement – Never Take Things Personally)

The Second Agreement is to never take things personally. When someone gets angry at you or says something insulting, don’t take it personally. It’s about them, not you. They’re using their word to project their insecurities and beliefs upon you. The reason many people take things personally is because they agree with them. If someone calls you stupid and you’re hurt, it’s because you probably believed what they said to you. We as humans are inherently selfish, we focus on ourselves even in situations where we may not be the focal point. Because of that, we tend to take things very personally, but this is not the case. The way someone uses their word is a reflection of their belief system and not yours.

The Four Agreements Summary (Third Agreement – Never Make Assumptions)

The Third Agreement is to never make assumptions. Assumptions set us up for suffering because it gives us a false sense of understanding. Think back to a time when you were driving and was cut off by another vehicle. Your reaction was probably to assume that the driver was a jerk who had no decency for other vehicles on the road. However, this could’ve been in an emergency or could have been trying to reach someone in a hospital. The fact is, you made an assumption about that person which caused you to feel anger and frustration at that moment which could have been avoided.

The Four Agreements Summary (Fourth Agreement – Always Do Your Best)

The Fourth Agreement is to always do your best. Doing your best means letting go of the past and focusing on your current dreams. One of the biggest barriers to our happiness in inaction. You might be sitting at your computer wasting away wishing things would be better. That’s not doing your best. You’re too afraid to take the risk to be happy and apply yourself.

The Four Agreements Summary: If you did everything you could do to achieve happiness, you’ll look back at yourself in the future and say “I did my best” because you did everything you could to achieve it and one of the most effective motivators for doing your best is Death.It may sound morbid, morbid, but Death teaches us to live in the moment and not in the past so that we can use the present to be happy and not dwell on issues that have already happened.

The Four Agreements Summary: It’s a waste of energy, time and effort to focus on past events as it creates nothing but misery as you try to do your best and become a free individual. But until then, the truth is, we aren’t free. We aren’t free because we’ve been shackled into a belief system that we never had any control over. We’re not free because we spend our waking hours trying to please everyone else.And believe it or not, the best example of someone who’s spiritually free… are kids! They don’t care about the past, they don’t care about what other people think about them, they don’t self-judge or have a stifling belief system like you and I do; they only live in the moment. The fact is, we need to be aware that we aren’t free in order to become free.

Summary of The Four Agreements Ending Lines

The art of transformation is to become aware of the limiting factors surrounding us and identifying what you need to change so you can adopt the Four Agreements in place of those old beliefs. You know what you want. You’re conscious of the things that make you happy and the actions you need to take in order to become a free person. You could change your life right now by being mindful of your word, not taking things personally, never making assumptions and always doing your best.

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