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The Fellowship of the Ring Summary – J. R. R. Tolkien

Before starting The Fellowship of the Ring Summary, let’s discuss the author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

The Scarlet Letter Summary By Nathaniel Hawthorne – True Story Novel

Before starting The Scarlet Letter Summary let’s discuss the book writer. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in July

Heart of Darkness Summary by Joseph Conrad – Journey to Africa

Before starting the Heart of Darkness Summary let’s discuss the Novella Author Joseph Conrad. He was born in

The Masque of the Red Death Summary by Edgar Allan Poe

Before starting The Masque of the Red Death Summary let’s discuss the book writer Edgar Allan Poe,

A Doll’s House Summary by Henrik Ibsen – A Husband & Wife Story

Before starting A Doll’s House Summary let’s discuss the novel writer. Henrik Ibsen was born in March 20, 1828

Pride and Prejudice Summary – A Love Story of Darcy and Elizabeth

Pride and Prejudice Summary Part 1 Pride – Darcy Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennet Pride and Prejudice was

A Tale of Two Cities Summary – The Story of the French Doctor Manette

A Tale of Two Cities Summary Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Cities was written by Charles

The Stranger Summary – Philosophical Fiction Novel by Albert Camus

The Stranger Summary Chapter 1-  Part 1 The Stranger novel was written by French author Albert

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde – Collection Stories for Children

The Happy Prince Summary: The Happy Prince was published by Oscar Wilde in 1888.  The story

The Call of the Wild Summary Jack London – Pleasant Life of Dog

The Call of the Wild Summary: The writer of the novel is Jack London (John Griffith