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The Call of the Wild Summary: The Call of the Wild SummaryThe writer of the novel is Jack London (John Griffith London) , who was born in January 12, 1876 and died on November 22, 1916 (aged 40). He was an American Journalist, Novelist and Social Activist. This novel based on a Dog named Buck.

The Call of the Wild Summary Chapter 1

The Call of the wild was written by famous writer Jack London. The novel begins with a description of bucks Pleasant life. He lives with his owner named Judge Miller in the Santa Clara Valley. Yet trouble brewed for the innocent dog when miners struck gold up north buck. A muscular dog was the type of dog that was in high demand from gold rushers. One day buck was talking a stroll through an orchard near his home when strangers dog-napped him. He had learned to trust men who knew more than him but this time the human’s intentions were sinister.

The Call of the Wild Summary: The next thing he knew was beaten and thrown into a train car, headed for Seattle for two days and nights. His captors starved buck and deprived him of water when he’s taken out of his cage. He wages his handler, unfortunately bucks handler clothed in a red sweater is armed with a club and beats the poor dog. This is how bucks first comes to understand primitive law after his handler beats him. The handler gives buck food and water then the handler sells him off to an official named Perrault working with the Canadian government.

The Call of the Wild Summary Chapter 2

In the next chapter buck reaches the hellish Dyea Beach. The dogs and men here are absolute savages buck sees curly a dog who got shipped with him get killed by other vicious dogs. It shocks him and this is his first lesson in the Law of Club and Fang. Francois works with Perrault and puts buck to work. The first job is hauling firewood as a sled dog buck learns fast then when they returned to Dyea Beach. Perrault has bought another dog, this dog is named Sollux and he only one eye that night buck has to sleep outside in the cold winter air. Dave another dog teaches him to dog hole to sleep in so that he’ll keep warm buck regresses into more of a wolf than a dog. He steals out of necessity and howls to the moon.

The Call of the Wild Summary Chapter 3

The third chapter begins with a description of the rivalry between Spitz and buck Spirtz bullies buck, who he sees as a threat to his leadership then the sled sled team makes camp on Lake Lebarge. The location was awful with few places to hide from the elements thankfully. Buck found an overhang which he left to get his rations at dinner time. When buck comes back, he find Spitz laying there and snarling to defend the spawn their disagreement devolves into a full-blown battle but the entire team comes under attack by a pack of wild huskies.

The Call of the Wild Summary: The Huskies devour every piece of food, they could get their teeth on they even ate moccasins and pieces of Francois zwip. The Huskies leave after a vicious fight every one of the sled dogs were wounded in the fight. Joe even lost an eye from then on there is totaled disabled in the team. Buck tries to upend Spitz’s leadership a death match comes, when the entire team as well as 40 police Huskies are chasing after a rabbit spits out thinks buck and gets ahead of the rabbit catching it.

Buck immediately attacks him and beats him in battle with multiple broken legs the blood hungry. Huskies kill the defeated Spitz buck thinks, he’s finally won the right to be the leader of the sled team. Yet Francois and Perrault think Sollux would be the better sled team leader and try to put him at the front. Unfortunately for them Buck’s won’t give up. Buck push his Sollux out of the way. Francois removes buck again and puts Sollux into the lead harness except. Now buck won’t accept going into the subservient position of the sled team.

The Call of the Wild Summary: Francois even drops the club he carries to show buck. He means peace instead of giving up buck backs up. This makes it impossible to head out on their journey. They’ve already lost an hour of time when Francois and relent. They remove Sollux and put buck in as the leader. Buck proves to be an excellent leader of the team. He thinks and acts quickly. He also whips all the members of the team into shape even pike the laziest of them all completely turn his behavior around instead of acting lazy. He puts all effort into pulling the sled.

The Call of the Wild Summary Chapter 4

The dogs go through a very difficult period of sledding. Francois and Perrault pushed them to their max eventually Dave starts to fumble. He’s allowed to run alongside the sled and just keep pace yet Dave refuses. Dave wants to stay in his place even though it’s killing him. Dave is sadly put out of his painful misery and the team goes on when they reach Skagway. They were expecting rest except there was no time. The Canadian government wanted the mail delivered immediately. New dogs were to be bought and quickly replaced buck and his team.

This is how Hal Charles and Mercedes bought the sled team. These three were utter amateurs, they over packed their sled overfed. The dogs did not know how to pack and bickered. They stopped at John Thornton’s camp, who can’t stand to watch how beat buck. Thornton takes buck by force Hal Charles and Mercedes then continue on to a lake that Thornton told them not to go on as the ice was weak. The ice breaks and the three died with their dogs. Thornton and his dogs bring buck back to life.

Buck grows to love Thornton but he also feels the strong call of the wild. Buck would do anything for Thornton and even tries to jump off of a cliff after Thornton gave the command. Buck wins a 1600$ wager after he drags a thousand pound sled a hundred yards. This wager allows John Thornton and his friends to go east and look for a long lost treasure here buck continues to explore his wildness. When a Yeehaw trading party murders Thornton and his friends. Buck goes into rage, buck kills many Yeehaw and forces them to retreat from then on the Yeehats tell of a wolf bigger than any wolf. They’ve seen leading a large pack.

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The Call of the Wild Characters:

Judge Miller, François, Spitz, John Thornton, Buck

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